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Welcome to the Goering Center's 23rd annual Family and Private Business Awards (FPBA)

Designed to showcase the unique successes of the Greater Cincinnati region’s family and private businesses that have contributed to our economic and community growth, our annual awards offer an outstanding opportunity to celebrate with your teams and bring recognition to your business and your incredible work. (More on this at the bottom of the page.)

Our 2022 awards are all about The Power of Company Culture. Follow the instructions below, and you'll be on your way! 



Please answer the following three questions in a separate document to include your name, company name and address. Then you will complete your Applicant Information and upload your application (Word or PDF) below.  

Applications are due June 15, 2022 at midnight.

2022 – The Power of Company Culture

        A company’s culture consists of shared values, beliefs, goals and practices. It sets the context or tone for everything the company does and affects how employees feel about the work they do, where they see the company going, and ultimately how long they stay (retention). 

  • Question #A – List 5 or more words that describe your company culture and examples of how or why each word describes your company culture. 
  • Question #B – Two terms became prevalent in 2021: the “Great Resignation”, coined to describe the higher-than-normal employee quit rate over the course of the pandemic, and the “Great Reawakening” used to describe the shift in priorities away from the traditional 40+ hour work week to a more balanced commitment to health, work, and family. As a result, many businesses are reconsidering how people view their lives/livelihood and how they can be more productive, happy, and engaged within the company.  
  1. Has the “Great Resignation” and/or “Great Reawakening” affected or changed your company culture in any way?  
  2. If yes, please describe how either or both of these trends have affected your company and what you have done to influence changes in your company culture. 
  3. If no, what is it about your company culture that limited the effect of these trends on your company, and sustained you through these times of change? 
  • Question #C – Company culture also affects how happy those who interact with your company are. Please provide key examples of how your company culture impacts:  
  1. Your employees 
  2. Your clients/customers/vendors 
  3. Your community 

Total response not to exceed 1,500 words.

NOTE: In your Application submission, please also provide a brief company profile of 150 words or less. Consider this the “Meet & Greet” section of your application – let your passion and excitement show as you introduce your company to someone that has never heard of it before:   

         Define the nature of your business, provide vital information highlighting your company’s history (such as founding date, years in business), share your company’s vision and mission, your business accomplishments, and your company’s aspirations. Describe the qualities that make your business so special. In reflection of this year's criteria, focus on how you feel your contributions helped improve your community. 



A note from the Goering Center Marketing Team

Congratulations on joining a prestigious list of past and present applicants!

All Finalists will be featured in a special print edition of the Cincinnati Business Courier, which is distributed to over 13,000 addresses in our area, as well as on the Goering Center website and social media channels. 

Please Read: 
If your company is named one of the Finalists, your "Company Profile" section will appear as written (or with minor corrections) in the September 9, 2022 edition of the Business Courier and/or other event publications. Please do not include any information you do not wish to be published. Please review and proof your content as neither the Goering Center nor the Business Courier will be responsible for the release of information or errors in your copy.

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