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Nominating Your Rising Leader


The Goering Center is searching for our metropolitan area's Rising Leaders - these are employees of family or private businesses, who are on a leadership or succession track and have advanced at least one of the 10 Best Practices of family and private businesses, as listed below.

It's important to note that one person cannot complete any of the 10 Best Practices on his or her own. Rather, nominees should be leading or significantly contributing to these efforts. Nominate your Rising Leader below.


  • Nominee is an employee of a Goering Center Member business (Family or Private)
  • Nominee will assume senior leadership position within the next 5 - 15 years
  • Nominee must have significantly contributed to the advancement of one of the following 10 Best Practices


10 Best Practices of Successful Family and Private Businesses

1. Business Charter

Articulate a clear business philosophy, resulting in a charter that outlines policies concerning employment, ownership, compensation, management, conflict resolution, and personal and corporate responsibility.

2. Dynamic Business Strategy

Develop, regularly update, and communicate a business strategic plan, with continuous measurement of the plan results.

3. Performance Management System

Develop and execute an employee performance management system including accurate, up-to-date job descriptions, agreed upon goals, and timely, truthful feedback and evaluations.

4. Leadership Development

Implement leadership development plans for key positions and possible successors. 

5. Outside Boards

Establish either a Board of Advisors or Board of Directors including non-family members (if a family business).

6. Contingency Planning

Create contingency and estate plans that address the organization's response in the event of disability, death or voluntary resignation of owners and key officers.

7. Owner's Retirement Plans

Create retirement plans for owners that address the lifetime security of owners, including a continual challenge for retired owners.

8. Business Growth

Contributed to continuous financial success over time in terms of sales and profit growth.

9. Business/Family Council

Create an active and functioning Family Council / Council that serves the purpose of communicating family and company issues.

10. Giving Back

Embrace and encourage company and individual community service.



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